Worth what, or what?

As you may have noticed we’ve been working on a new record. Now, it’s going to be released one way or the other, physical and digital.
The thing is we put a lot of thought into how this release should and could look like. Other bands already tried a lot and there’s a lot of creative possibilities. Vinyl may come with a download code to get the album for your portable devices or to put them on CD for your car stereo. There may be a download only version for those who don’t own a record player or simply don’t want to have a physical record. Maybe some of you only want a single song – iTunes may serve you well in that case. There is a lot of fuzz going on about digital distribution but digital-only lacks any benefit like a cover, the booklet, the tactile experience. Imagine you go to a concert and want to buy a record because it was a cool gig. Though, all you get is some kind of receipt with a string of numbers and symbols for a download – no touchy-feely stuff, nothing to look at, nothing of weight, no souvenir qualities. We don’t feel too comfortable with this idea.

So, questions of monetary value aside, consider this a poll: With music – bands you like to listen to or you’d like to support – how would you want a record (a product) to look and feel like? What would you be willing to trade in for? What sort of additional benefit do you wish for to complete your experience?

Feel free to add to our comments or to tell us on the social networks – we’re happy about any feedback!

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